a silicon valley production company


In the entertainment industry, it is often difficult to find a stage lighting production company that can successfully unite the elements of experience, professionalism, technology and cost effectiveness.

Stage Lighting Concepts is the one that does.

We will deliver quality service and an unforgettable show experience without logistical headaches or a shocking bottom line.

Since 1981, Stage Lighting Concepts, based in Northern California, has been serving the nation, and for that matter, the globe, with exciting and creative production values.

With a broad production history, ranging from live concerts and outdoor festivals to prestigious food and wine expositions, we have come to specialize in corporate presentations and industrial theater as well as productions for the film, fashion and television industries.

Our clients continue to return to us year after year to light their most important productions. Many of our clients are experienced producers in their own right while others may be developing a community event for the first time.

We have a full spectrum of production services to bring any event to life from conception to reality and we can provide specific products and crew depending on the characteristics of the clientıs demands.

As ambassadors to our clients, our professional staff promotes the company philosophy of "seeing the world through your eyes." We believe that the stress associated with mounting a production is thoroughly unnecessary so, with decades of experience and a flair for technical artistry, our staff can always ensure a smooth, safe and successful event.

We appreciate the opportunity to do what we do best so that you can do what you do best.


Craig DeManty, Owner